New York City has been defined by its 520 miles of coastline or the 'Sixth Borough'.  Originally used for industry, the City has been in the process of revitalizing its waterfront and transforming it from industrial uses into more recreational and residential uses and recently completed a new waterfront plan.  At the same time, the city is coming to terms with recovering from the impacts of the superstorm and its unprecedented storm surge, while planning for a rising sea level.  What are the conflicting priorities and challenges facing the city and how are they being addressed in real time by the multitude of city leaders, urban planners, design professionals and design organizations?  This panel looks at what is happening in New York City and emerging approaches to increase community resilience on the coast. 

Moderated by Joyce Klein Rosenthal, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Co-coordinator of the Advanced Studies Program in Risk and Resilience at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.