On April 7, 2014, President Drew Faust announced the creation of the Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund to support research initiatives intended to hasten the transition from carbon-based energy systems to those that rely on renewable energy sources, and to propel innovations needed to accelerate progress toward cleaner energy and a greener world. 

Seven research projects aimed at confronting the challenge of climate change using the levers of law, policy, and economics, as well as public health and science, have been awarded grants in the inaugural year of the Fund. The seven winners and their projects are:

  • Jose Guillermo Cedeno Laurent, research fellow, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Sustainable Adaptation Measures to Extreme Heat Events;
  • Emily Broad Leib, lecturer, Harvard Law School: Reducing Food Waste as a Key to Addressing Climate Change;
  • Michael McElroy, professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: Harvard-China Partnership for Low-Carbon Energy Policy;
  • Daniel Nocera, professor, Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Patterning Silicon with Catalysts for High Efficiency Solar-to-Fuels Conversion;
  • Rohini Pande, professor, Harvard Kennedy School: Market-Based Policy Design to Mitigate Climate and Local Air Pollution in India;
  • Jisung Park, Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: The Critical Moment: Climate Means Versus Weather Extremes in the Economics of Climate Change;
  • James Stock, professor, Harvard Kennedy School: Investigation of Market Impediments to Biofuels Penetration.

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