Green your summer scene with these easy green tips! 

1. Take a “staycation"

During summer, try to avoid air travel, and plan a “staycation” instead.  Plan a trip to a local beach, or take the train instead of flying. 

2. Green your yard

In spite of their “greenness”, lawns can be huge burdens on the environment. This summer try watering and mowing your lawn less often!  You will conserve water, release fewer greenhouse gases, and save money.

3. Shop local farmers' markets

Buying locally grown, in-season produce is a healthy and delicious way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce air pollution associated with transportation.

4. Eat more veggies (and less meat!)

With all those fresh veggies from the Farmers' Market, why not try and cut some of the red meat out of your next BBQ?  Your body and the environment will thank you!

5. Stay healthy and have fun

Have fun in the sun this summer! Remember to stay hydrated and always wear sunscreen!

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