Worm composting is fun, easy, and great for locations like offices where a backyard bin or large-scale pick up is not feasible or too expensive.


  1. Create a bin: We use dark 18 gallon plastic storage bins that can be purchased for less than $10. Drill holes to give the worms air.
  2. Get worms: Get some from a friend or you can order them online (we got ours from the Cape Cod Worm Farm- $26 for a pound- which is a lot more worms than you imagine!)
  3. Make some bedding: We shredded newspaper and cardboard and wet it and wrung it out (like a wet sponge).
  4. Feed the worms: The worms like a lot of food- including most fruit, veggies, bread, etc.
  5. Caring for the worms: Worms are low maintenance and can be left for awhile without new food (they can eat their bedding, so you can leave them while you're on vacation with no problems). The only thing you need to do is add new bedding as needed and keep the bedding moist.

Contact the FAS Green program if you are from FAS and want help setting up a bin energy@fas.harvard.edu.

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