Green Teams are comprised of individuals dedicated to creating a more sustainable Harvard.

Green Teams occur at the School level and in some cases at a department level. Find out if your School or department has a Green Team by searching the lists below. Don't see a Green Team for your area? START ONE TODAY!

Review the Green Team Charter

Step 1: Prepare for the first meeting

A few key steps that you should take before the first meeting include:

  1. Find a dedicated leader
  2. Set time and book room
  3. Invite members
  4. Walk through building(s) and make a list of potential projects; learn more about our green offices
  5. Set agenda

Step 2: First meeting

Use the first meeting to brainstorm projects and set goals for the group. Steps to take include:

  1. Brainstorm about possible projects
  2. Prioritize projects based on interest or feasibility (quick, easy goals will keep the group motivated)
  3. Make sure each project has a leader who will follow up on tasks
  4. Send out meeting minutes or notes to group

Step 3: Keep the momentum going

Keep up the enthusiasm of members by working on interesting projects that can actually be completed. Other
tips include:

  • Recruit members from key groups (finance, building operations, event planning, purchasing, publications/communications) in order to make project implementation easier.
  • Promote your group—send your success stories to or publish them in your newsletter.
  • Keep expanding—the more your group does, the more people will want to get involved.
  • Keep it fun!

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