Pre-Break Pledge

Please help reduce energy this holiday break by taking five minutes to complete these five small actions.

Turn Down the Heat

  • Students: Buildings are heated throughout the winter break to keep January term students warm.  If you’re not one of them, do your part by turning your radiator all the way down.
  • Residents: Set your thermostat back to 58 and make sure your fan settings are OFF or at a minimum set all the way on LOW.
  • Staff: If you have an office thermostat, lower it to 62. 

Pull the Plug dorms, kitchens, and offices. “Phantom Loads” add up fast and can account for 8% of energy use per year!

  • Power strips
  • Computer/Monitor/Printer/Fax and Copy Machine
  • Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Microwaves, and Appliances
  • Task lighting

Turn Off...

  • What you can’t unplug
  • Main lights if you're the last one out the door

Close and Shut All...

  • Storm windows, where applicable. Storm windows can prevent 25-50% of heat loss! Make sure they are locked!
  • Blinds in your dorm or workspace. 

Check In

  • With your facilities team to learn your building specific shutdown procedures.
  • Let your facilities team know if you see any leaky faucets/toilets or if you have any trouble with windows, thermostats, or lights during your shutdown.
  • Students: If windows, storm windows, or radiator control is broken, please submit a work order.


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