Recognizing that the sustainability of self is a critical component of our efforts to build a sustainable campus, Harvard's Executive Vice President Katie Lapp outlined some useful tips about how you might increase your personal well-being this summer. Her “Re-Charge Initiative” seeks to begin a thoughtful discussion among staff about how to cultivate healthy work habits at Harvard.

  1. Go on a meeting diet. Consider meeting-less Mondays or consider taking back an hour and canceling one staff meeting this summer. Another idea is to identify multiple recurring meetings on your calendar that have similar agendas/topics and combine them into one meeting (cancel the others).
  2. Go on an email diet. Consider an office-wide policy of not sending emails, unless necessary for an emergency or business continuity, between certain hours or pick up the phone and talk with a colleague instead of emailing them.
  3. Take a break. Take a vacation day to do something new or explore a new place you’ve always wanted to visit. Every Tuesday this summer, take a 20-minute break during the day to visit a food truck or sample the Farmer’s Market on the Science Center Plaza or visit the Harvard Allston Farmer’s Market.
  4. Take a free mindfulness course. Mindfulness at Work is part of the larger University-wide Healthy Harvard initiative to provide employees with new tools to manage stress and increase personal resilience.
  5. Get on the move. Participate in weekly runs as part of the Harvard on the Move initiative or take a short bike ride using the Hubway bike share (pick up the bike at one of 12 Harvard-sponsored stations). Harvard affiliates are eligible for a deeply discounted Hubway annual membership rate.