In an effort to raise awareness about bottled water consumption and water scarcity issues, try hosting a blind taste test of various waters to demonstrate how typical perceptions of bottled water v. tap might not always hold true.

  1. Set up a table in an area with heavy foot traffic.  Have three pre-assembled and numbered water jugs, 1.) local tap water 2.) grocery store brand bottled water and 3.) high end “designer” bottled water, on your table along with facts and local water information. Be sure to serve all of the water at the same temperature.
  2. Strike up a conversation. Introduce yourself. “Do you drink bottled water? Do you have a favorite brand? Do you think you can tell the difference between tap and bottled water?"
  3. Provide a Dixie cup and have participants test all three waters. On a sheet with numbers that correspond with the jugs, have participants fill in their guesses. Check their answers. If they get it right, switch the numbers and have them try it again to see if they were just lucky or could actually taste the difference.
  4. Track your participants’ responses. This activity is great to pair with a raffletaking the challenge is an entry into the raffleor with a movie screening of Tapped or Flow. Have participants take the challenge, screen the film and check answers, at the end reveal the waters and award reusable water bottles to participants.
  5. Share your results—post the number of right and wrong guesses along with some water facts such as source information to continue to encourage change beyond event.

Who to contact, partner with, etc:
If possible, partner and/or co-host with your local city water department. They can provide your participants with useful information about their tap water.

Links for more information or other resources:
Cambridge Water Department