To raise awareness about the new self-service compost bins available to diners at the Spangler Grille, two of Harvard Business School’s Student Sustainability Associates (SSA) hosted a Compost Trivia Night. To entice participants, they provided free pizza and made the event an opportunity for sections to collect points for the Green Cup Challenge.

Raising awareness about compost in your School? Host a trivia night by following these steps from the HBS Student Sustainability Associates.

Step by step:

1. Research fun and relevant trivia questions!

The SSAs also created a presentation about composting at HBS, including results of a recent HBS waste audit (link), and information about what could and could not be composted at the Grille.

2. Publicize Trivia Night

In addition, notify the MBA Events Calendar organizer so that the event is included in the daily listserv. Ensure that Section Green Reps understand the game format and that they have notified their respective sections of the upcoming Green Cup Challenge.

3. Reserve a room and set up catering for the event.

It never hurts to offer free pizza to help draw a crowd. The SSAs also worked with Operations and Catering to provide a compost bin on-site – a great opportunity for participants to practice what they just been quizzed on.

4. Present and go through the questions with attendees.

We included a mix of questions that both tested the attendees on the information that they had just digested, as well as general compost trivia to maintain the light atmosphere and head-scratching that people enjoy about trivia nights. Check out the HBS Questions 

5. Tally up correct responses per section and notify Green Reps of Green Cup Challenge Winner!

The SSAs organized trivia teams by section. Instead of asking students to blurt out answers immediately, or to use a buzzer, they requested that the students write down their answers on sheets of paper that were collected at the end of the Trivia Night. 


Who to partner with:

The SSAs worked with Operations and Catering in order to provide a compost bin at the Trivia Night. This proved to be a great opportunity for participants to practice what they had just learned, plus it had the added bonus of making the event a “zero-waste” event.