Looking to turn your Reunion Weekend into a zero waste event?

Here are 5 tips from the HKS Office of Alumni Relations and Resource Development:

  1. Start early. Planning further in advance will enable you to be intentional with your budget and will give you room to choose from a wider selection of quality environmentally friendly products.
  2. Identify your partners. Collaborative relationships with Dining Services and Facilities teams will help you maneuver logistics and accomplish goals.
  3. Make it easy and clear for your guests to figure out where they should compost and dispose of waste. Place signage throughout the event, and make sure you have staffed composting and recycle bins wherever your guests are, including multiple locations for larger catered events such as a reception.
  4. Make brief announcements or include instructions for the event at tables and or in takeaways. Connect the purpose of the event to the School’s larger mission or the University’s commitment to sustainability.
  5. Review all printed materials and print any essential items with recycled paper. Avoid printing out speaker bios, single sheets of paper, and other instructions by creating a robust website with easy links, accessible with mobile devices and tablets to decrease need for printed materials.

To learn more about the HKS zero waste Reunion Weekend contact alumni@hks.harvard.edu

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