How reducing your energy use can add up to savings. 

  1. Computer and Monitor:
    Putting your computer and monitor on energy saving modes and turning them off at night can save 172 kWh a year, about $250. 

  2. Personal Printers:
    Turning these off at night can save 101 kWh a year.

  3. Copy Machine:
    Turning off the office copy machine at night saves 270 kWh, or about $40 a year. 

  4. Desk Lamps:
    Turning off personal lights and relying on overhead and natural lighting can save almost 200 kWh per light per year, or nearly $30. 

  5. Refrigerator:
    Buying an energy star certified refrigerator will guarantee that the fridge uses at least 15% LESS ENERGY than the federal standard. 

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Brought to you by Harvard's Green Office Program.