1. Pick a date and publicize early. Contact the Office for Sustainability so we can add your freecycle to our online events calendar and help promoted it.
  2. Time the event during lunch hour, ideally between 11AM and 12PM NOON. Also, consider partnering with another event or activity. One of our most successful freecycles was the one we held next to the Harvard Farmer's Market.
  3. Ask your community to think about what unused items they want to donate and start collecting those items in advance.
  4. If possible, encourage people to drop off items prior to the day of event or on the morning of the event. The FAS Green and HLS Green Living teams often schedule drop off times in the morning, a few hours before the actual freecycle begins. This allows plenty of time for volunteers to sort the items before the event begins. 
  5. Have enough tables available to sort and display donated goods by type.
  6. Have extra boxes or bags for people to take away more goods.
  7. Provide recycling bins for leftover boxes and bags.
  8. Distribute desirable items during intervals throughout the span of the freecyle.
  9. Keep things tidy and in order during the event.
  10. Have fun!!!