Reduce disposables by using a reusable water bottle, tote, or coffee mug. 

  • Carry a travel mug to get discounts at all Harvard University Dining Services retail locations across campus. You can purchase a reusable mug at any of the HUDS retail locations for $2.99, with the first fill free. 
  • Use one of the filtered water stations located across the university to refill your reusable water bottle or mug. 
  • Eating in Dudley House, Cronkite Dining Hall, the Kennedy School, or Sebastian's Café? Join the reusable container program. Use, return, and the dining team will wash! Learn how
  • Keep your own mug at work or start a mug collection in your office. Offer visitors and guests coffee in reusable mugs. 
  • Are you an undergraduate student in need of a reusable bag, mug, or party kit? Contact your REP