Electrify your vehicle on campus!


Harvard offers electric vehicle charging stations across campus at the following locations:


  • 1 Western Avenue Garage, Boston: 4 stations on P1 level
  • 10 Akron Garage: 2 stations on P1 ramp
  • 10 Everett Garage: 11 stations on P2 level
  • 5 Cowperthwaite Garage: 2 stations on P1 ramp
  • 52 Oxford Garage: 6 stations on P2 level
  • Broadway Garage: 6 stations on P1 level
  • Harvard innovation lab (i-lab), 125 Western Avenue, Allston: 2 stations
  • Peabody Terrace Garage: 2 stations on bottom level
  • Soldiers Field Park Garage, Boston: 4 stations on P1
  • Teele Hall, 230 Western Avenue, Allston: 2 stations
  • Travis Lot: 2 stations

Bonus: Find an additional location at the privately-operated garage in the basement of the Smith Campus Center.

Faculty, staff, and students wishing to use one of the stations on campus must first purchase an ECS permit. Currently, all the electric charging stations on campus are considered a shared resource. 

Learn more

To take advantage of this program and use one of the electric charging stations contact the Campus Service Center at 617-496-7827 or campusservicecenter@harvard.edu.


  • Quad Garage, 200 Longwood Avenue, Upper Level
  • NRB Garage, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Upper Level
  • 375 Longwood Avenue Garage, Level P2, operated by MASCO