Joseph Winters, College '20 created these dining hall hacks to promote plant strong, nutritious, and delicious options. 

Featured plant strong hacks:

Tasty Tofu

Plain, raw tofu can be kind of boring…But not when slathered in soy sauce! Try this protein-rich, water-conscious D-Hall Hack!

Yummus Sauce

How can you make non-meat taste good? It’s easy: drizzle stuff on it. And I don’t mean just salad dressing. I’m thinking Yummus sauce: Usable on anything, deliciously Mediterranean, and super high in protein!

PB & Soy Sauce

Reducing animal consumption isn’t necessarily about fewer calories. Athletes can still get the calories they need from delicious, plant-based sources like peanut butter!

Indie Indian Beans and Rice

Plain chickpeas are healthy and all, but how to make them taste a little more exciting? Add some Indian flair, of course!


DIY Burrito

What? Trail mix in a burrito? Just trust me. It’s nutty, crunchy, sesame stix-y. What more could you want? Maybe nineteen grams of plant protein? Well, you’ve got that, too!


Quinoa is like the ancient Incan Power Bar. When it makes an appearance in Annenberg, you can eat it just as you’d eat rice, but enjoy double the protein!

DIY Refry

Refried beans can be made from more than one kind of bean. HUDS may not always have black or pinto beans, but there’s always something available for a DIY refry in the microwave.

The Oat Bowl

A bowl of oatmeal is a protein powerhouse in itself, but the key is to make it actually taste good. What you have to do is be a topping fiend—this way, you can maximize flavor and add protein (from seeds and nut butter)!

Caffeine Fiend

Black tea can provide a caffeine boost without the big water cost of coffee. Everytime you sub a cup of tea for your morning cup of joe, you save around 26 gallons of
water. Try earl grey for extra flavor!

How have you Bean?

Toast isn’t just a breakfast food! Things get fancy fast when it’s topped with savory things and eaten as an appetizer. This recipe does all that, and provides a carb-protein combo.

Bean there, done that

Tired of HUDS’s Caesar Salad mix? Try a more protein-rich DIY mixed bean salad with tangy, lemon-y vinaigrette.

A Cry for Hemp

HUDS ingredient highlight: Hemp granola—it’s got no animal products, it’s organic, and it’s locally made! Plus, it has 6 grams of protein per 1/2 cup thanks to hemp, which—by the way—is one of the least water-intensive crops out there!

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