Did you know that there are nesting platforms on Memorial Hall for peregrine falcons, the world’s fastest bird? Or that there are many gardens on campus? And that there’s an online schedule for all of the food trucks in the Science Center Plaza?

Using the five categories of our Sustainability Plan, Eana Meng, College '19, created the Harvard Walking Map to inspire you to get outside! From suggesting top walking routes to pointing out the cool tree species in the Yard, the map provides a vast array of information – often little known facts – about the Harvard campus. We hope it encourages you to view familiar places with new perspectives and to discover new parts of campus!

View the Harvard Sustainability Walking MaP IN GOOGLE MAPS

Energy & Emissions (Fuschia):

Did you know that the solar panels on top of Canaday Hall provide hot water to the freshman dorms? In this section we focus on alternative energy sources and areas where we are saving energy.

Campus Operations (Blue):

Did you know that all Harvard affiliates are eligible for a discounted Blue Bikes Annual Membership for only $70, $29 off the regular price? There are 12 stations on campus, and the map locates each of them.

Nature & Ecosystems (Teal):

The Harvard Turkey, Dawn Redwoods, and more unique features of the campus’ ecosystem are all featured in this category.

Health & Well-Being (Orange):

We care about your health! In fact, getting people to move was the impetus for this project. The locations of the Harvard gyms as well as the various farmers' markets are all on the map.

Culture & Learning (Crimson):

At the Office of Sustainability, we care just as much about the environment as the promotion of education. Within this category, we feature sites of both historical and cultural significance.