Reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing green products for your office's kitchenette.

Dishwashing Soaps:

  • Look for biodegradable, non-toxic, petroleum free. 
  • Examples: Seventh Generation (SEV22733), Green Works (COX31072). 


  • Make sure your cupboards have plenty of reusable dishware: mugs, plates, and silverware. Tip: Yard Sales and Goodwill are great places to pick up a few extra. 
  • Try using washable dishtowels instead of paper towels. 

Paper products:

  • If you use paper towels or napkins, make sure they are unbleached and have high recycled content.
  • Examples: Seventh Generation (SEV1371), Marcal (MRC6210)

*Codes are provided for WB Mason, Harvard's preferred Vendor. 

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Brought to you by Harvard's Green Office Program.