There are many filtered-water filling stations across Harvard Yard where you can fill up your reusable bottle! 

Common Room Kitchen Sink Attachments:

  • Straus Kitchen
  • Grays Kitchen
  • Weld Kitchen
  • Holworthy Kitchen
  • Canaday Kitchen
  • Wigglesworth Kitchen
  • Greenough Kitchen

Drinking Fountains

  • Widener Library
  • Matthews First Floor
  • Weld First Floor
  • Hollis First Floor

Stand-up Filling Stations

  • Thayer First Floor
  • Sever Basement
  • Lamont First Floor
  • Massachusetts Hall
  • Barker Center First and Third Floor
  • Stoughton First Floor
  • Pennypacker First Floor
  • Science Center, First Floor of Cabot Library

Hang the poster in your dorm or entryway!