Did you know eating sustainably for your own health and the health of the planet is a key tenant of mindful eating?

One way our community is encouraging mindful eating is by setting up a corner in their workplace. The Harvard School of Public Health recently decided to establish "The Mindful Eating Corner," which is a table in Sebastian's Cafe that offers a space for people to unwind and truly experience their food through a “do-it-yourself” mindful eating experience. To assist participants with self-guidance, table tents with a few directions (put away your phone/other distractions, minimize talking, smell and taste your food, etc.) will be available on the table. Try this in your office or School!

7 Habits of a Mindful Eater

  1. Honor the foodwhen you eat, only eat
  2. Engage all six senses
  3. Serve in modest portionsto enjoy quality, not quantity
  4. Savor small bites, and chew thoroughlyto help digestion and taste
  5. Eat slowlyto avoid overeating and to let yourself feel satisfied
  6. Don't skip mealsto avoid low blood sugar
  7. Eat a plant-based diet—for your own health and for the health of the planet

A few "do-it-yourself" tips:

  • Smile to anyone else joining the tables
  • Disconnect—put all of your devices away or in the center of the table
  • Refrain from talking throughout the meal
  • Consider the 7 habits of a Mindful Eater
  • Focus on your food, enjoy it, eat slowly and thoughtfully
  • Think of all the elements it took to make this meal possible
  • Express your gratitude


At the Harvard School of Public Health, the table is available in the back corner of Sebastian’s seating area.

Read more about the HSPH Mindful Eating Corner on their website