The Harvard Planning and Project Management Green Team recently received an innovation point toward their Green Office certification for their transformation of an office mug tree into a mobile tree on wheels that helps eliminate any excuse for using disposable cups in meetings.   

Here's how they created their mug tree on wheels:

1. Find the tree

The Green Team obtained a mug tree from Rob Gogan of Harvard Recycling. The mug tree is a repurposed coat rack that was turned into a mug tree by a woodworking class at a local high school. 

2. Fill it up!

HPPM staff has filled the tree with recycled mugs, some of which were collected from Freecycle events. Staff and visitors to the office can use these mugs for water and hot drinks, then wash them and return them to the mug tree, reducing the use of disposable cups.

The mug tree is located next to the filtered tap water dispenser, with a sign on it explaining the use of the mugs.

3. Get rolling

HPPM staff decided that the mug tree could be a benefit if it could be rolled into meetings, so that meeting attendees could use reusable mugs. The team affixed wheels to the mug tree, thus creating the rolling mug tree.