The Challenge: Transition away from the manual input of event information into the HLS Siemens Building Management (BMS) software to a new process that automates the temperature controls for rooms based on actual usage. The manual input process was time intensive for staff and prone to error due to last minute scheduling changes.

The Solution: Decrease the use of HVAC in buildings with Siemens Controls by managing HVAC based on actual room usage. The solution was essentially a simple query of the HLS event scheduling system (dates, start time, end time, and room number) for the upcoming 72 hours which was ingested into the Siemens internal system. The program was designed so that rooms reach pre-determined set points by the beginning of each event. The set points are aligned with the HLS Temperature Policy.

Environmental Benefits: Decrease in energy use resulting annual savings of over $33,000, and a decrease in annual greenhouse gas emissions of over 31 MTCDE.