Project Overview:

The success of the LED retrofits in Harvard School for Public Health’s (HSPH) Building 3 inspired the HSPH Operations Team to focus on additional LED retrofit opportunities. During the Building 1 LED retrofit, HSPH replaced 90% of the existing light fixtures providing an estimated annual savings of $132,248. The LED retrofits have furthered the standardization of lighting within HSPH’s buildings while improving lighting quality. This project upholds the University’s environmental sustainability goals by contributing to carbon emissions reduction, while exhibiting significant economic returns. This project was funded a loan from the Harvard Green Revolving Fund

Project Goals:

  • Annual energy savings up to 56%
  • Annual CO2 Metric Ton Reduction of 172.0
  • CO2 Reduction Equivalent Emissions of 14.9 Homes
  • Providing higher quality lighting to everyone in the building

Metrics (estimated):

  • Annual kWh Reduction: 249,839 (57%)
  • Annual CO2 Metric Ton Reduction: 172.0
  • Payback (Years) = 4.95
  • CO2 Reduction Equivalent Emissions: 14.9 Homes
  • Estimated Annualized Monetary Savings: $132,248
  • Utility Rebate = $61,639
  • Total Project Cost = $717,877

Pre-Project Considerations:

LED technology vastly improved between the completions of the Building 3 and Building 1 LED retrofits allowing for cutting-edge lighting to be placed in Building 1. Daniel Beaudoin, Deputy Director of Operations, turned to LED lighting out of curiosity to better understand the benefits of these energy efficient light bulbs. He believed it was necessary to standardize the lighting throughout HSPH to eliminate energy consuming light fixtures and to continue the investment in LED bulbs. LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting and use up to 75% less energy.

The Project Process:

  • Ensure all specified LED fixtures are compliant with thermal guidelines published in the respective LED manufacturer LM-80 testing
  • All specified LED fixtures are UL listed
  • Lighting design provides lighting/illumination levels compliant with recommendations set forth in the IESNA Lighting Handbook, 9th Edition

Project Completion:

September 2013

Lessons Learned:

Daniel’s curiosity led to an on-going energy saving, CO2 emissions reduction project that has spread to other buildings throughout Harvard. Within the first year of the Building 1 LED retrofit there has been a 2% reduction in the electricity bill. More data will be collected on the post-performance of the LED retrofit in Building 1 as it becomes available. He has plans to continue the LED retrofits throughout HSPH.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Stacy
Sustainability Manager
Office for Sustainability
46 Blackstone Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


Office Phone: 617-496-1278