The skies were blue and the luncheon was green as HLS sent off the Class of 2011 at the Commencement ceremonies held May 26, 2011.  During the commencement luncheon, graduates celebrate with their friends and family members at a massive party for over 5000 people on Holmes Field. What does that mean on the post-consumer end? A lot of waste. However, thanks to the participation of guests and the efforts of Green Team members, the HLS FMO custodial team, and undergraduate Dorm Crew workers, HLS was able to compost or recycle 95% of our waste at the 2011 commencement luncheon.

95% of the commencement luncheon waste was recycled or composted? That’s great! How did you do it?

  • HLS’ food service provider Restaurant Associates provided recyclable and compostable materials in the commencement lunchbox.
  • After eating, guests brought their used materials to the recycling tent, where Green Team volunteers and Dorm Crew members sorted all the waste into trash, compost and recycling.
  • By carefully sorting, the teams were able to divert 95% of the luncheon waste from the landfill and recycle or compost it instead.

The success of recycling and composting at the commencement luncheon serves as a good reminder that carefully sorting your trash to divert compostable and recyclable materials can make a big difference, and your efforts really add up! However, even more important than sorting waste properly is to REDUCE the amount of waste you are generating in the first place, so remember to choose re-useable food and beverage containers instead of disposable whenever you have the option.