LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: October, 2012

Built in the late 1970’s, the Littauer Library is centrally located within the Harvard Kenney School Littauer Building. The Littauer building also houses classrooms and offices that were designed to encourage interaction between the students, faculty, and administration. The library is located on the first floor and primarily serves the research purposes of students, faculty and staff of the Harvard Kennedy School and the surrounding Harvard community. The library collection covers issues confronting government today including international affairs, social policy, the economy, national security, the environment, the electoral process and more with an emphasis on public policy and management in the public and nonprofit sectors. In addition, the Littauer Library is committed to supporting the knowledge growth of the Harvard Kennedy School and hosts a Speaker Series and library training sessions.

Prior to this renovation project, the library saw minimal improvements since its opening. While library administration worked hard to keep the facility up-to-date with current operation trends, the library facility was at a point which required a major program change. The Littauer Library renovation incorporated two program changes: additional space for students to use their laptops and an area for group study discussions.

Libraries have transformed in this current age of technology into areas where students can use the library as quite study space while performing research on their personal laptops. Due to the abundant amount of resources available electronically, less books are required to be accessible by students. For this reason, 40% of the collection was moved to the Harvard central library making room for more laptop touchdown spaces. The project also provided students with more collaboration space. The renovation of the library included additional group study areas for students to collaborate while having access to the library resources. These new group study areas are isolated from the rest of the library so that the quiet individual study areas will not be disrupted by the group study areas.

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