The Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences conducted a study comparing the efficacy of energy savings between intelligent View Dynamic Glass and standard glazed windows. 

Study highlights:

  • View Dynamic Glass reduced window surface temperature by 15-20 degrees and counter surface temperature by 10 degrees compared to baseline low e
  • In test results during AC off condition, VDG kept room 3 degrees cooler
  • In test results during AC on, VDG reduced cooling demand by 10-15%
  • VDG significantly reduce glare issues observed in space

This study was led by Quentin Gilly, Senior Coordinator with the Office for sustainability, with financial support from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and View Dynamic Glass. Christopher Bitzas of Siemens was the primary author of this document, and played a crucial support role for the project.

 Additional support came from Gary Goodwin, building manager of Harvard Biological Laboratories, and Joe Houlihan of Siemens.

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