The Challenge: Conserve power used by the desktop computers in the bedrooms at the Harvard Business School Executive Education Facility. The PCs are infrequently used and therefore good candidates for power conservation.

The Solution: Install Verdiem Corporation’s product, Surveyor, on 500 PCs to monitor computer activity and manage their powering on and off according to day, evening and night power policy settings. HBS has an existing relationship with Verdiem, and the client is easy to install and unobtrusive on the user side.

Environmental Benefits:

  •     Automatic shutdown of machines after inactivity is estimated to decrease power usage by 147 kWh per PC annually, or 73,400 kWh for 500 PCs.
  •     An annual estimated greenhouse gas reduction of 201 lbs per PC, or 100,500 lbs for the 500 PCs.
  •     Actual energy and greenhouse gas savings will be calculated when a full year of data is available.