The Challenge: Implementing the migration of the servers from the Harvard Divinity School Data Center to 60 Oxford Street. With the move, HDS IT & Media Services and HUIT hoped to realize operational cost savings, reduce the HDS equipment footprint, and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Solution: Data center decommissioning was a multi-year process that finished in June 2011. It resulted in the elimination, consolidation, and virtualization of over 50 servers. HDS now has a total of 25 servers at 60 Oxford Street and is 100% virtualized.

Environmental Benefits: 

  •     Overall electrical demand at Andover Hall reduced by 6,185 kWh in August 2011 and 7,753 kWh in September 2011, which is about one-third of the load although some of this load was transferred to 60 Oxford Street.
  •     More efficient delivery of server cooling.
  •     Data center space freed for other office use.