The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study is home to three LEED certified buildings: Byerly Hall, Fay House, and the Schlesigner Library. The Fay House is the oldest LEED certified building in the United States according to the US Green Building Council. Innovative geothermal technology is used to heat and cool both Byerly Hall and Fay House. 


In addition to green building and construction, the Radcliffe Institute hosts conferences and other events that cover environmental themes and sustainability-related topics.

The 2012 science symposium focused on the important and challenging topic of water. Water is a theme that encompasses issues as varied as environmental contamination, public health, agricultural shortages, and geopolitical disputes.

“Cloudy with a Chance of Solutions: The Future of Water” centered on the ecological and human health hazards of environmental contaminants, the threats to drinking water of fracking, the promise of new technologies for water treatment, the need for national water policy, and the role of urban and other areas in conservation.

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The 2011 science symposium took a cross-disciplinary approach to the topic of climate and policy. "Something in the Air" included atmospheric and environmental scientists, engineers, archaeologists, and scholars of public health, economics, and government that came together to address and debate topics fundamental to our understanding of the science of climate change and the policies that result.

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