The waste management strategy at HBS is reduce, reuse, recycle, AND compost.

Here are some helpful resources and tips for waste reduction at HBS. 


Download HBS-specific signage.




How do I recycle electronics?

Please call 5-6811 to arrange a pick-up for computers, monitors, TV’s, fluorescent light bulbs and printers.  Please note HBS does not collect items brought in from home. Erase all sensitive, confidential data from e-waste.

Batteries, cell phones, PDA’s, chargers and chords, CD’s & DVD’s, ink cartridges and flash drives can be dropped off in the student mailroom located in Rock Center or interoffice mail to OSS (in Rock Center).

How else does HBS manage waste – besides traditional recycling and composting?

HBS takes part in various initiatives aimed at reducing the need for virgin materials to be extracted or for new landfills to be created.  

  • Gently used cosmetics are collected every February and donated to a local women’s shelter.  
  • A clothing swap takes place once a year allowing students, faculty and staff to exchange unwanted items for something “new”.  
  • Used binders are collected and donated to XCEL or Human Resources for repurpose and reuse.  
  • Ink cartridges are collected and sent back to Roxbury Technology for recycling/reuse.
  • HBS has an end of the year move out donation program where boxes are located in the lounge of each residence hall for students to leave books, clothes, mirrors, blankets, etc.

Are there any incentives in place to promote waste management?

The Lug-a-Mug campaign rewards HBS community members who bring a reusable mug to any coffee cart location on the campus by only charging the price of a 16 oz. cup of coffee – regardless the size of your reusable mug.

What else do I need to know about waste management at HBS?

  • The Harvard Surplus Center is open every Thursday from 11 am - 2 pm at 156 Western Ave.  Gently used office furniture is available for free to anyone who can haul it away. 
  • Use reusable plates, cups and silverware (vs. disposable) when eating in Spangler and/or in your office.
  • Carry a reusable coffee mug (you'll get a discount when refilling at Spangler!).
  • Photocopy and print double sided whenever possible. When printing draft documents keep a pile of used paper by the printer and print on the blank side by manually feeding.