The Resource Efficiency Program (REP) is a peer education program based in Harvard's undergraduate Houses and Dorms.

REP representatives educate their peers on issues such as energy, waste, water, food, and more through projects, community-building events, competitions, and educational campaigns. The program also works with the administration to help make facilities and operations more sustainable. 


REP Programs and Campaigns

Green Cup Competition for the Houses



Green Cup is an inter-House competition that runs throughout the academic year. There are three categories that each carry a cash prize—Participation, Resource Conservation, and Greenest House Committee (Green HoCo)—plus an awesome, giant trophy for the overall winner.


How Your Habits Can Save Energy

Top 5 energy-reducing tips for Houses and Dorms

  1.  Use an LED in your desk lamp - Contact your REP to get one for FREE!
  2. Take shorter showers, even by one minute!
  3. Wash your laundry in cold water (Bright Colors setting). 
  4. Report leaky windows, broken storm windows, and broken radiator controls. Submit a work order via PRESTO right away!
  5. Power down and unplug electronics when not in use, and turn off lights when you leave your room (especially over long weekends and holiday breaks!)

Learn Why These Actions Are More Sustainable

How to: Shut Down Your Room for Winter Break

How Your REP Can Help You

Connect with your REP!

  • Interested in sustainability or have an idea for improvements?  Your REP is the perfect peer to help connect you with like-minded people across campus. Send them an email!
  • Keep an eye open for a REP-led tabling event held several times per semester, we usually bring a few snacks to create a welcoming atmosphere for engagement.
  • Wondering about changes happening in your house or dorm?  Each REP has built relationships with the Building Managers, Sustainability Tutors, and Housing Committees (HoCos) and can help direct your question.
  • Looking to find leadership opportunities and to get plugged into the campus sustainability network?  REPs are paid student sustainability advocates who make a notable difference in their house or dorm communities.  Undergraduates from any year are welcome to apply at this link