The actions taken by Harvard employees in their offices play a critical role in Harvard's commitment to sustainability. Projects that reduce energy and conserve resources help save money and build a culture of sustainability on campus. Green teams, a university-wide Green Office Program and employee recognition events empower and engage employees at every level of the university to make a difference.

Green Offices

The Harvard Green Office Program is a four tiered, do-it-yourself program designed to be spearheaded by office members who want to take the lead on greening their workspace. Green Offices result in direct savings to the University through resource, energy, and water conservation while engaging staff in Harvard’s sustainability goals.

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Employee Recognition

Reward and recognition are one of the keys to making progress on Harvard's sustainability commitment. We take time to recognize those employees and teams of employees who have made significant contributions to the university's sustainability goals.

Harvard Green Heroes

Sustainable Commuting

Through the Commuter Choice Program and MASCO, Harvard offers a wide range of sustainability commuting benefits and options for its staff and faculty. An MBTA transit pass discount, discounted membership to the Hubway bike share program and carpooling programs are just some of benefits that employees can take advantage of to reduce their carbon footprint and life a healthier lifestyle.

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