The Council of Student Sustainability Leaders, CSSL, is a cross-school body that aims to unite the environmental community across Harvard, and to provide a conduit for the student voice for advancing sustainability on campus. We aim to represent the sentiment of the student body with regard to this important set of issues.

As a group we are currently working on providing feedback for the University’s four-year sustainability goals, both from within the group, and from across the schools we represent. It is in an enormous opportunity for the voice of the student body to be represented in Harvard’s commitment to continue its sustainability leadership in the academic community and further afield, and one we are extremely excited about.             

CSSL has been a huge eye-opener for me personally. This group has enriched my understanding of the University, allowing me to interact with enormously intelligent, passionate, and down to earth people from a range of backgrounds. Our monthly meetings are a forum for us to voice concerns and suggestions for improvement in the running of the University, as well as allowing us to learn from each other. The group provides collective insight in to issues that will improve University life not only this year but far in to the future. My two years as a member of CSSL have not only allowed me to dig deep in to single issues, but also understand the whole spectrum of levers the school can pull to tangibly improve student well-being and the long-term health of this institution, from resource use to cultural and academic issues. It has been a fascinating time, and I am enormously grateful to the group for their commitment and insight this year. Do come and get involved.