We'd like to say congratulations to the entire Class of 2015 and a special thank you to all of the students who were involved with sustainability efforts while at Harvard, whether through one of our Green Living Programs, the Council of Student Sustainability Leaders, internships, the Student Grant Program, or campus environmental groups.

It is thanks to the creativity, commitment, and motivation of our students that we are able to scale sustainable change and build a healthier, more sustainable future. 

Harvard University Housing Sustainable Community Leader Matheus Fernandes is continuing his studies here at Harvard for a PhD in Applied Mathematics. 

The most memorable part of the Student Sustainability Associate Program was participating in the waste audit, which involved sorting through trash to determine how much of it was recyclable and compostable. It definitely gave me a very real appreciation for how much of what we throw away could be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way.

-Caitlin Roman, MBA '15, HBS Student Sustainability Associate

Caitlin Roman is moving to the Bay area to work at LinkedIn in their Business Operations Group. 

Next year, Cindy Shih, College '15, is pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Epidemiology and Clinical Research at Stanford University. 

Rob Gogan really changed the way I think about consumption at the University and in general. Visiting his warehouse in particular shaped my views.

-Alexandra Foote, College '15, Undergraduate Resource Efficiency Program Rep

Photo: Archive Disc(o), Alexandra FootePhoto: Archive Disc(o), Alexandra Foote

Next year Alex will be at the London School of Economics working toward a MSc in Environment and Development. For her Resource Efficiency Program (REP) independent project she compiled a photo journal documenting consumption around campus in an effort to raise awareness about waste reduction. View the photos

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As someone passionate about sustainability, I thought I had a good handle on recycling "rules," but was surprised to learn that paper napkins and plastic silverware actually clog recycling processing machines and cannot be recycled. I will never forget the waste audit and seeing how much recyclable and compostable material gets thrown away.

-Eryn Schultz, MBA '15, HBS Student Sustainability Associate

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Rebecca Pskowski has been named a Presidential Management Fellowship finalist, and hopes to pursue her interests in environmental, maritime, and human rights law. She also plans to continue sailing, professionally and recreationally, as her schedule allows.

Learn more about the HLS Green Living Representative Program.

The waste audits were eye-opening and will always stay with me. 

-Katie Greis, JD '15, Harvard Law School Green Living Representative.

Katie is studying for the bar exam and then will be working in New York City.

Finally, a huge congratulations to our own Office for Sustainability team member Brandon Geller, College '08, Ed.M. '15, and Program Manager for the FAS Green Program, graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE).

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