The HBS Green Living Program hosted its annual RC section competition on reusable bottles and mugs. The goal of the competition was to encourage and incentivize students to use reusable bottles and mugs, at the same time to discourage use of disposable water bottles and coffee cups.

During the competition period of Wednesday March 24 through Friday March 26, 2010, RC students were asked to bring in reusable bottles and mugs to their section classrooms. Each reusable bottle or mug in the classroom counted for 1 point, whereas 1 point was deducted for each disposable water bottle or coffee/tea cup.

RC section green representatives played a crucial role in this competition, as they were responsible for mobilizing their sections to actively participate in the competition, as well as for counting the number of reusables vs. disposables. The representatives were asked to conduct the count once on each day of the competition. At the end of each day, all representatives submitted their count numbers via a Google spreadsheet.

Section H won the competition, having earned a cumulative net score of 127 during the three competition days. Section A earned a net score of 93 to secure second place, and Section D came in third place with 56 points. The competition was a success as sections clearly made an effort to bring and more importantly use reusable bottles and mugs. And many have said this will continue after the competition.