This March, the Resource Efficiency Program was proud to introduce an activity aimed at making energy conservation tangible and meaningful. The flash card activity quizzes students on energy savings from daily and weekly behavior changes over the course of a year. For example, one card asks: “How much energy would it take to heat hot water for a 10 minute vs. a 5 minute daily shower in a year?”

In combination, the cards reveal the most impactful actions one can take. Examining all of the cards on the table, REP Captain Annie Baldwin ’13 noted, “It was interesting to see which actions make the biggest difference. I didn’t realize that taking shorter showers is one of the most substantial ways to reduce individual energy use among the things that students have control over in the dorm.”

The activity is part of a larger energy awareness campaign over the month of March, which in included highlights on Harvard’s energy supply (23% renewable!) and on combined heat and power technology at Harvard’s Blackstone steam plant.