The HBS Green Living Program partnered up with the HBS Green Team, Women's Student Association and the Volunteers Club to organize the first-ever HBS Spring Cleaning Clothing Swap.

The event was a big hit (how could it not be!) with students and staff alike perusing the unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories of fellow classmates and coworkers. There were three collection periods before the event during which staff and students could donate anything in good and wearable condition.

During the swap, the rules were simple, take whatever you like. The intentions were to reduce the need for the community to purchase new clothes, thus reducing the environmental impact associated with the production, transportation, etc. of clothing, as well as to avoid unwanted items from ending up in the landfill. All leftover items were donated to Second Chances, a local organization that gives clothes to people in need, who happily accepted 470 pounds of unwanted items from our closets.