Whether they are first year students struggling to get that perfect internship, or graduating students seeking  to go back to work full time, almost everyone at HBS is interested in finding a job. While many industries offer a more traditional and well trodden path for MBAs, there is a fast growing industry in need of top flight management talent. According to Ira Ehrenpreis, Venture Capitalist  at Technology Partners, “Clean tech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the venture capital business.” American venture capital (VC) firms invested nearly $5 billion in clean tech companies in 2011 alone. Clean tech has also recently attracked high profile investors such as Warren Buffet, who invested over $6 billion in wind since 2008 and in 2011 invested close to $4 billion in solar power plants.

This spring, MBA students from the Energy & Environment Club and the Green Living Program have organized Clean Tech Treks to serve a growing interest in sustainable energy careers among their peers. 

E&E's Charles Baron, NB, is organizing a Clean Tech Trek to the West Coast over spring break. Students will be visiting laboratories, VC firms, as well as some exciting start-ups. If California is a bit far for a recruiting trip, HBS’s Green Living Program is sponsoring an afternoon trip on March 9th to two local clean tech companies, both of which currently employ HBS MBAs. Harvest Power and FloDesign Wind Turbine are both located in Waltham, less than 20 minutes from campus, and both are engaged in exciting clean energy work.

FloDesign is a venture-funded start-up whose goal is to revolutionize wind turbine efficiency through the use of technology used in jet engines. Harvest Power uses composting of food and yard waste to create bio fuels and rich top soil important for agriculture. Harvest Power is now partnering waste removal giant Waste Management to begin to expand their facilities to cities across the United States. Waste Management provides Harvest with access to a large store of the inputs for their process while harvest will provide WM with alternative revenue sources.