The first FAS Eco-Citizens junk mail party was a huge success. Eight staff and students came together to call and email catalogs, journals, and other junk mail senders to remove staff names from the mailing lists.

Three Eco-Citizens collected junk mail in their mail rooms for two months and brought their boxes to the party. The group went through over 300 pieces of junk mail and removed the names- many of whom have not worked for the University for years.

The amount of junk mail these three departments received was astounding. Even more astounding is the amount of time and money the University spends delivering, sorting, and trashing or recycling the mail. The group decided to make this a regular event to keep up with the all of the junk mail they are receiving.

Junk mail parties will also be held at University Hall, OEB, Herbaria, and 60 JFK Street.

If you’d like to schedule a party at FAS, email energy@fas.

Remove yourself from catalogs and other junk mail by emailing or calling the companies.

Other groups that can help for free are: