On Earth Day 2009 staff at Harvard’s Alumni Affairs and Development (AA&D) office got a surprise visit from a familiar green friend. Henry Kesner, Business Operations Coordinator for AA&D, dressed as Kermit the Frog and pushing a “Green Cart,” visited 300+ staff members in the development office. In his travels, Henry quizzed staff about the Development office’s recent greening initiatives, shared Harvard-based green information, and rewarded them with “green” themed treats.

“There have been a lot of changes regarding recycling, double-sided printing, and other facility-type alterations around the office recently,” observed Henry. “We have received several emails regarding these new policies and I thought it would be a good time to try a different approach to educating our colleagues.”

Henry and his dedicated team of AA&D Green Team members organized a day of green office education. In the morning of Earth Day the AA&D Green Team sent out a 10 part questionnaire, quizzing staff on their green office knowledge. In the afternoon, Kermit (Henry) traveled door to door and tested staff at random on the questions. The result of Kermit’s visit around the AA&D offices was a success. Not only did it boost office morale and educate staff about good, green things, but it generated several NEW Green projects and doubled the AA&D Green Team’s membership to almost 40 participants! 

“It was a good day for AA&D,” said Henry. “Staff demonstrated that they knew their stuff about green office practices. Even better, they offered several great ideas for new projects. It was a wonderful, mutual learning experience.”

In addition to the Earth Day festivities the, AA&D Green Team, formed in September of 2008, has worked on a number of creative and fun projects in their office including: reverse junk mail phone-a-thons, office-wide printer audits, hosting eco-brunches, organizing various office-wide charity collection drives, reducing paper waste, stocking kitchen spaces with reusable mugs and materials, and improving green office signage around the office.

“I’m very proud of our Green Team here at AA&D. I hope we can continue to find innovative ways to collaborate with other Harvard Schools, combine resources, and build upon Harvard’s dedication to sustainability,” says Henry. The AA&D Office is located at 124 Mt. Auburn St. in Harvard Square. Feel free to stop by and meet with Kermit and the AA&D Green Team anytime!