There really aren’t enough environmentally educational, Hawaiian themed, outdoor party games out there. It’s been a real tragedy for, and dare we say a hindrance to, the environmental movement.

But not any more! Thanks to bright minds of Alexa Stern '12 and Molly Bales '10, REP premiered Eco Limbo (otherwise known as “How low can your carbon go?") on September 4th.

The game is simple- instead of listing heights, each peg on the limbo pole is associated with a different environmental action. The more the action impacts your carbon footprint, the lower it is on the pole. Players state an action, and then attempt to go under the pole at that height. The lower the height (i.e. the harder the action), the more points they receive for making it under.

The game made its premier at the College’s welcome back event, Aloha Harvard, organized by the newly created Office of Student Life (OSL). REPs (Resource Efficiency Program reps) ran their Eco Limbo booth alongside other OSL booths, such as a Dunk Tank and a mechanical surfboard, though it was by no means the only sustainable feature of the day. Thanks to the efforts of HUDS, OSL and FMO, all the food waste, plates and utensils were composted. 

By all accounts, the game was a huge success. Hundreds of happy limboers tested their flexibility, and many took an environmental message home afterward. However, like any new prototype, improvements can always be made, and a polling of the crowd brought new ideas. One participant suggested making the bottom two levels blank, and having would be limboers name the environmental action they felt would be hardest for them. Not only would this generate new ideas, abut also get participatns think about what more they could do in their own lives.

Hopefully, Eco Limbo will be just the first in a long line of Hawaiian themed, environmental outdoor party games being produced by us at Harvard. However, we’re not quite ready to go to market with our final product, so we invite you to download, edit, and use our game at your own parties. Just print out the poster, get some limbo sticks, and have fun! Let us know what you think, and if you’re having a good time, send us some photos to show how low your carbon can go!