On September 29, the Harvard Houses wrapped up the second annual Resource Efficiency Program Recycling Challenge, the first participation event of the Green Cup 2014 Challenge. Participation soared to new heights with 80% of residents turning out in Adams, the winning House. Next came Cabot (75%) and Quincy (71%). The top spots were hard won with the top six Houses all rallying for over 50% participation each.

Sharing best practices for participation recruiting revealed that lots of personal interactions and emails led to a wider community discussion, bringing success to the top Houses. Fun, personable, community dialogue was the founding premise of REP, continuously highlighted in contests such as the House Recycling Challenge.


Fun, personable, community dialogue was the founding premise of REP

The freshman dorms completed their inaugural trial of the Recycling Challenge on October 6. The winning dorm, Canaday Hall, achieved 25% participation, a record that the dorm, and other freshman residences, will strive to break in the subsequent Green Goblet participation contests. 

The next participation contest will be begin in mid-November, and will involve a pledge to turn off and shut down electronics and appliances for the holidays.

Thank you to all of our participating students!