Green Living Representatives and first-year law students at Harvard Law School are in full swing this semester, promoting sustainability across campus by competing in green challenges, hosting interactive and informative events, and encouraging the return of HLS FreeCycles.

Last week, students in first-year law sections completed the second challenge of the yearlong Green Cup Competition: bringing a reusable container to class. Green Cup is a participation-based competition designed to build awareness and engagement in campus sustainability initiatives and individual behavior change actions. A total of five challenges constitute the competition, with the section with the most points at the end of the series winning $500 toward a zero-waste event for the group.

Green Living Representatives also kicked off a composting project, pushing for all lunch-hour events to be compostable. In conjunction with an independent student project aimed at making compostable products more accessible to student organizations, the Reps created a video by interviewing students about whether or not they had ever planned a compostable event and what they like to compost.

This week, HLS brings back FreeCycles—community based events for donating and reusing unwanted goods. Kitchen and office supplies, books, CDs, clothing, toys, unopened cosmetics, non-perishable food, linens, tools and all other reusables will be accepted and available Wednesday, February 13.

Finally, Reps are hosting an event with Rick Culter of the Climate Reality Project, an organization co-founded by Vice President Al Gore and dedicated to spurring a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis. Culter will give an interactive presentation Monday, February 19. Attending the event is also the third challenge of Green Cup for all first-year law sections.