On Friday, March 8, Harvard Law School's 2013 Green Living Representatives, Sarah Canby, Laura Wolf, Dave Joch, Gabrielle Hodgson, and Michael Gruben, along with HLS Sustainability Program Manager Anne Sargent and Supervisor of Recycling and Solid Waste Removal Rob Gogan, completed the Law School’s bi-annual waste audit. 

The waste audit revealed both positive developments and some opportunities for improving HLS’s recycling and composting efforts. On a positive note, fewer pizza boxes were found in the trash, suggesting that people may be remembering to recycle pizza boxes more often. 

The audit also revealed that a large quantity of food waste and compostable take-out containers from the Hark are still ending up in the trash. Green Living Representatives will continue to work to educate the HLS community about compositing these items. Paper towels are another compostable item commonly found in the trash. This is likely because there are often not compost bins in places like bathrooms where paper towels are commonly used. The Green Living Representatives will work to continue to increase the availability of composting bins on campus. 

Overall, the waste audit was a “stinky” success, and the Green Reps look forward to continuing to improve HLS’s composting and recycling rates in anticipation of the next audit in the fall.