Harvard Real Estate (HRE) recently achieved ENERGY STAR certification for three buildings in its portfolio: 14 Story Street, 78 Mt. Auburn Street, and 5 Sacramento Street, all located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification program uses an energy performance scale that scores the energy performance of a building on a scale of 1 to 100 as compared to buildings of a similar type and use around the United States. The score is based on the actual energy consumption (in kBtu per square foot), and is normalized for climate and for the level of activity (such as operating hours and occupant density).

Buildings that earn a 75 or higher are eligible to apply for the ENERGY STAR certification.  A score of 75 indicates that a building is more efficient than 75% of similar buildings, and performs in the top quartile for its peer group.  Harvard Green Building Services managed the certification process, which involved setting up each project's Portfolio Manager account to record utility data, and then assisting a Professional Engineer in verifying that each building provides adequate ventilation and lighting levels.

78 Mt. Auburn Street - Energy Performance Rating of 93

Originally constructed in 1839, the colonial style structure has three stories above grade and a basement level totaling 7,210 square feet. Currently the three main levels of the building are used by the Harvard Society of Fellows as office space.

5 Sacramento Street - Energy Performance Rating of 85

Originally constructed in 1891, the building is owned and operated by Harvard Real Estate (HRE) and is leased to The Guidance Center, which provides family-centered programs for children and families in the Cambridge and Somerville areas. The 9,315 square foot colonial structure houses offices, meeting rooms, and family and children oriented common space.

14 Story Street - Energy Performance Rating of 75

Originally constructed in 1972, the 28,056 square foot glass and concrete office building is occupied by both Harvard and non-Harvard tenants.

ENERGY STAR certification is valid from January to December of each year.  In order to maintain certification, buildings must re-apply and continue demonstrate an Energy Performance Rating of at least 75.