Two groups at Harvard Law School have set the pace for the Green Office Program, an online University resource which provides offices with tools and information to help them reduce their environmental impacts. In April the HLS Media Services Department, led in its greening efforts by Peter Melish, became the first group at Harvard to achieve recognition as a Leaf One Green Office by adopting practices such as using recycled content paper and enabling power management settings on computers.

In early June the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic (ELPC) completed all four levels of the program by taking steps such as removing bottled water service, switching off office appliances and power strips at night, and posting prompts around their Pound Hall workspace to remind occupants of ways to conserve resources. Amy Soto, who facilitated the Clinic’s efforts, notes that given her program’s focus on the environment, her colleagues were particularly receptive to the program. Still, she encourages individuals who may be hesitant because their office community is large to approach the program leaf by leaf, stressing that progress went surprisingly fast.

Amy also says she’s been taking Green Office tips back to her own home, and that there’s a great feeling that goes along with participation, “To know that we’ve been able to truly take steps to make a difference as a whole OFFICE is very exciting.”

Congratulations to Media Services and the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic!