Even considered individually, the conservation measures recently adopted at the Law School's Langdell Library would be noteworthy; together they form a concerted effort by the Library to reduce its resource consumption.  New for the 2009-2010 school year: expanded double-sided printing, automatic computer shut-downs, nightly printer shut-downs, and energy saving smart strips.  These changes were implemented by Systems Administrator Doug MacDonald, along with Paul Deschner, Development Programmer, and Mike Barker, Assistant Director for Management of Circulating Collections.  Read more about each of these changes below.

Double-sided Printing

In previous years, Library users who wished to print on both sides of a page sent their documents to a "duplexing" version of one of ten printers capable of printing two sides to a page.  Many students weren't aware of this capability, and as a result Library printers went through approximately 2 million sheets of paper every year, a low percentage of them double sided.

No longer.  All 42 public printers in the Library are now capable of printing on both sides of a page.  In addition, a new pricing scheme charges for sheets of paper, rather than for virtual pages; each sheet now costs $.10.  Previously, each virtual page cost the same, regardless of whether pages were printed double-sided or not.

Nightly Computer Shut-Downs

Up until Fall 2009, Library computers remained on overnight in order to receive software updates.  Now, updates are deployed at the Library's closing and computers automatically turn off after updates have been installed.  With this change, 90 computers, which otherwise would have remained on, are off each night.  This change alone could result in yearly savings of around 5 MTCDE (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents) and $2,500.   

Smart Power Strips

Library Systems Administrator Doug MacDonald purchased "smart" power strips for the Library's 32 low volume printers, which are connected individually to computer workstations.  These power strips automatically shut down attached printers, and other devices, when computers are turned off each night.  Shutting down these machines is expected to save approximately .4 MTCDE and $200 a year. 

Nightly Copier and Printer Shut-Downs

Staff at Langdell's Circulation Department had already been shutting down Library copiers manually every night; now shut-downs of printers which are not connected to smart power strips have been integrated into the department's closing procedures.  Shutting off the Library's ten high volume printers for the night is expected to save around 2 MTCDE and $900 a year.