The Faculty of Arts and Science's Green Program recently screened the documentary "Forks Over Knives" as part of their monthly environmental brown bag lunch series. A documentary which explores harmful connections between eating processed foods and animal products and disease and advocates for a plant-based diet, "Forks Over Knives" captured the Harvard audience. Noricus Noel, a staff member of the FAS Media and Technology Services team immediately emailed his wife and colleagues to encourage them to watch the movie, "I am a changed man now after watching this movie." 

In addition to the screening, the FAS Green Program partnered with Harvard's Food Literacy Project to organize a veggie quiz. Three savvy participants each won a basket of fresh veggies. Additionally, Louisa Denison, Food Literacy Project Coordinator, had some delicious and healthy recipes to offer to the group including Kale salad, turnips with butter sherry, and fava bean salad.

Key assertions from the movie: 

  • A whole-foods (unrefined), plant-based diet is the best for people
  • It prevents and can reverse cancer and heart disease
  • Meat, animal products, refined foods (including sugar and oil), and high levels of protein cause and/or contribute to cancer and heart disease

Information about FAS Environmental Film Screenings:

  • Open to the entire Harvard community
  • Third Thursday of the Month, 12-1 pm
  • Location: Mallinckrodt 102 

Kale Salad Recipe. Louisa Denison