On November 27, the Green Office Program passed an exciting milestone: our first green office at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences received Leaf One certification.  The driving force behind the certification of the Office of Student Affairs at SEAS was Julie Holbrook and Josh Cooper.

When I dropped by to hear about it, they told me about the steps they had taken to make their office more sustainable. The student newsletter was sent out via email, no longer offered in paper form.  All of their computers had power saver settings, and they had ensured that recycling bins accompanied every trash can. Some of the items on the checklist were already part of the regular office routine, but going through the process is a great way to remind everyone, they explained.

When I told them they were the first SEAS office to achieve certification, they were excited, but also surprised. “Everything seems eventually attainable, and with the Leaf system you can take your time instead of having to worry about plunging right in,” Josh said. When I asked Josh what he would want prospective green offices to know about the program, he replied that the process was quick and simple.  “It allows the office to make any changes in a relatively easy way."  Julie and Josh are sure there soon will be many other SEAS offices joining the ranks of certified green offices around campus!