Every year, Harvard produces over 24,000 phone books that are distributed across the University, but this year - 6,000 (25%) fewer phone books will be produced (about 6,300 lbs - the size of 7 male polar bears!).

While working with Green Teams across the University, the Office for Sustainability (OFS) found that many people feel that although the book is a valuable resource, more and more people are turning to the online directory and did not want to receive the paper one each year. In collaboration with University Information Services (UIS), the distributor of the phone books, OFS contacted schools and departments to see if they wanted to reduce their order. The results were astounding, some highlights include:

School # reduced % reduced
HSPH 1,740 fewer 100%
Leverett House 980 fewer 89%
HKS 600 fewer 55%
Cabot House 750 fewer 94%
Athletics 270 fewer 68%
GSE 200 fewer 50%
Dunster House 195 fewer 93%

Not only does this save paper and the resources used to create paper- but it reduces the amount of truck trips and staff time required for the book delivery and reduces the amount of trash and recycling we produce. Importantly, during times like these, the campaign will save the University money in book production and disposal costs.