After hard work from our Sustainability Plan Review Committee, Plan working groups, the Council of Student Sustainability Leaders, Harvard faculty members, Green Team Leaders, our entire team and more, Harvard’s Sustainability Plan launched on October 22. These various contributors were invited to celebrate the launch of the Plan at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Guests participated in a scavenger hunt in the Museum to learn more about the five core topic areas of the Plan. Heather Henriksen, Director of the Office for Sustainability, Meredith Weenick, Vice President of Campus Services, and William C. Clark, Harvey Brooks Professor of International Science, Public Policy, and Human Development, gave speeches expressing thanks to those involved in the evolution and creation of the Plan. Overall, the night was one full of learning, collaboration, and appreciation for sustainability efforts at Harvard. 

Scavenger Hunt prizes were awarded to Diane Gray, Gabrielle Hodgson, Sharon Johnson, Steward Rudnicki, and Cindy Shih.

Take a tour of the event through the photos below. 

A night at the Museum

To much delight, the event was held in the Romer (Dinosaur) Hall, at the Harvard University Museum of Natural History.

Jennifer Stacy from the Office for Sustainability discusses the Nature and Ecosystems section of the Sustainability Plan.

Faculty Advisor and Co-Chair William C. Clark poses with Jaclyn Olsen, Assistant Director for the Office for Sustainability, and Meredith Weenick, Vice President of Campus Services.

Anne Sargent, Sustainability Manager for the Office for Sustainability, presents Culture and Learning to eager scavenger hunt participants. 

Members from the Council of Student Sustainability Leaders pose with advisor Elaine Strunk and Professor Bill Clark in the marine biology section of Harvard’s Natural History Museum.

Harvard Kennedy School Green Team member Sharon Johnson and Group Lead for the Operations and Maintenance Working Group and Associate Director, Custodial and Support Services, Facilities and Maintenance Operations Jason Luke.

Heather Henriksen, Director, Office for Sustainability, gives opening remarks.

Members of the Sustainability Plan Review Committee. 

Faculty advisors to the Sustainability Plan Ali Malkawi, Professor of Architectural Technology and Founding Director, Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, Graduate School of Design, and Jeremy Bloxham, Dean of Science and Mallinckrodt Professor of Geophysics, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

South American Ground Sloth skeleton, Harvard University Museum of Natural History.

Sustainability Plan working group members Doug Garron, Craig Bradford, and Bob Manning, with Jennifer Howe and Michael Macrae.

The Council of Student Sustainability Leaders with Meredith Weenick, Heather Henriksen, and Bill Clark. 

Harvard Green Building Services' team members Marcus, Michael, and Emil enjoy conversation in Romer Hall. 

Group Lead for the working group on water and Director, Property Operations for Harvard University Housing Justin Stratman with Co-Chair for the Sustainability Plan Review Committee and Managing Director, Campus Services Initiatives Mary Power. 

Of course the event was sustainable for the launch of the Plan!

Director, Office of Work/Life and Lectureer on Psychiatry Human Resources Nancy Costikyan with Group Lead for the working group on Health and Wellness and Director, Center for Wellness, University Health Services Jeanne Mahon. 

Rockstar Sustainability Plan interns Saad Amer and Sasha Shultz pose in front of a Dodo bird. 

Sustainability Plan Review Committee member and Senior Manager for Regulatory Approvals, Harvard Planning and Project Management Willard Donham with Senior Sustainability Manager for the Office for Sustainability Elaine Strunk.

Sustainability Plan Review Committee member and Associate Dean for Campus Planning and Facilities at the Harvard Medical School Rick Shea shares a laugh with Office for Sustainability Director Heather Henriksen. 

Jiyun Chang, College '16 with Office for Sustainability Communications Intern Jahred Liddie, College '16.

Office for Sustainability team members Quentin Gilly and Allison Webster enjoy the New England Woods exhibition with Julia Musso and Leah Ricci of Harvard Business School.

The hard working Office for Sustainability team.